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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Planted in the right place will not survive without growth

 A ticket checker was checking tickets on the Udayan Express train from Mumbai to Bengaluru.  A 13-14 year old girl was hiding in a compartment under the seat.  The ticket checker noticed the girl and asked her to get out from under the seat.  The girl stood up in a panic.  Her body was shaking with fear.  TCA asked, 'Why was she hiding down?  Show me your ticket. '  The girl said with tears in her eyes, 'I don't have a ticket.'  T.C.  He got angry and said, 'Such beggars come and go for free travel.  You should be handed over to the railway police.  But you are a girl so let me go.  Get off the train at the next station. '  An unidentified woman traveling in the train came to the aid of the girl.  He said to TC, 'Brother, where will such a little girl get off at an unfamiliar station?  Do one thing, tell me whatever the amount is with the fine so I can pay the amount and you give me legal access'.  The woman asked the girl, 'Son, don't worry, tell me where you want to go so I can give you a ticket there'.  The girl said, 'I just don't know where I'm going.'

 The woman told TC, 'Brother, just give me a ticket to Bengaluru for this girl.  The last stop of the train is Bengaluru so the girl will get off at the place where she has to get off. '  On the way, the girl talked openly with this woman who looked like a mother.  The girl said to herself, ‘My name is Chitra.  I live in a small village.  My father worked as a porter.  My mother died just when I was born.  So Dad married someone else.  The new mother gave birth to two boys from time to time so I got two brothers but the new mother did not save me.  My dad also died a few months ago.  Then my mother would beat me and not even give me food.  The torture from the new mother was unbearable and I had no one to help me so I left home. '  Hearing the girl's words, the woman swallowed.  The woman came to Bengaluru with the picture and was placed in an institution in Bengaluru.  This woman made all the arrangements for the girl to stay and eat.  In addition, she arranged for her studies and paid for all her expenses.  The woman also occasionally went to meet the girl.  But due to the busy schedule of work, these visits decreased.  Sometimes on the phone, sometimes by e-mail.

 A few years later, the woman moved to San Francisco, USA, to give a lecture.  The lecture was organized by an organization of Kannada people living in San Francisco.  The woman was staying at the hotel where the event was held.  Leaving the hotel after the event, when the lady came to the hotel reception counter to pay her bill, the person sitting at the reception counter said, 'Madam, your bill has been paid.'  The woman was surprised.  Who pays my bills here in America?  He asked the receptionist and the receptionist said, "Madam, the couple behind you have paid your bill."  The woman looked back and saw a beautiful couple standing.  She recognized the woman standing in front of the woman and said, "Chitra, are you here?"  The beautiful young woman smiled and said, 'Thanks to you, an orphan girl has reached America today.  After my studies, I got a job in an American company and settled down in the United States.  She married a young man from here. '  The woman hugged Chitra and said, 'But it's not fair that he paid my hotel bill.'  Chitra said, "Madam, the amount of this bill is very small compared to the train ticket from Mumbai to Bangalore."

 Mrs. Sudha Murthy, the Chairman of Infosys Foundation, is a service-minded woman who took an orphaned girl from a railway car to America.  In Sudha Murthy's book 'The day I stopped drinking milk', he himself has described this incident emotionally.  We cannot even begin to imagine the magnitude of such a small help given to someone in need.  There are many instances in society where the help of small things has changed the lives of many individuals.  I also heard of a woman in England who helped educate thousands of orphans.  When the sister got older, some of the people who came to her aid held a program to honor her and announced it through the media.  Are scattered across countries.

 Help others as much as you can in life.  Some friends argue that by helping we produce new beggars every day.  It is true that if we help, a man can also become a laborer.  I’m talking about helping with children’s studies here.  The number of antisocial elements in the society will also decrease if the destitute and orphaned children get proper help for education as those who do not get the opportunity to study fall prey to crime.  Some children are not orphans.  They have parents.  But the financial situation of the parents is so bad that they cannot educate their children.  Primary or secondary education may be obtained from a government school.  But because of the family's inability to afford higher education, many talents wither away before they can flourish.  If there is a good income from the grace of God and our manhood, then a boy and a girl should be adopted and arrangements should be made for their study.

 PM YUVA યોજના વિશે ડીટેઇલમાં અહિંથી જાણો


Based on mentorship, the selected

 The true joy of service comes only when there is no selfishness in it.  After helping someone, it is natural that the person wants to be successful and give me respect and honor, but if the wish is not fulfilled, do not be sad.  We have to do our duty as human beings.  However, planting in the right place does not go unnoticed.

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