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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Energy is also used wherever attention goes ... so control the drama of children in their childhood

 Have you noticed that when you come back after interacting with certain types of people, you feel as if all your energy has been absorbed ... Ever wondered why this is so?

 According to a spiritual psychologist, the interaction of individuals is centered on control drama, in which humans seek to overcome each other.  When two people interact, not only words are exchanged but also energy is exchanged.

 In fact many adults are constantly competing for meditation and respect due to their emotional insecurity and it is said that where meditation goes ... energy also goes.  In control drama men mostly want to draw attention to themselves.  In such a situation, when the other person needs your attention, you are also unknowingly giving your energy to him.  So that person also takes your energy in an attempt to draw your attention to himself.  So, on the way back you feel tired.  A person can use different strategies to draw attention to himself (even unconsciously).

 So you meet someone who is very aggressive so your energy can be used.  Such a person constantly speaks, inquires, gives a strong opinion on every subject and constantly insists on his own truth.  There are also many who are always slandering others or then constantly complaining about their life that they have never got the happiness of their right or that everyone has done injustice to them etc.  This type of control drama is featured in James Redfield's book, The Celestine Vision.

 Intermediate - The behavior of such a person is very aggressive, he uses threats and views the world in a contradictory way.

 Interrogator - Such is the behavior of such a person.  He constantly criticizes them and keeps asking them questions in order to gain control over others.

 Aluf - Such a person takes special care during the conversation that he does not give any information, keeps a distance from the other person.  But at the same time, he wants to draw attention to himself.

 Victim - The person who adopts this strategy attracts people's attention by complaining and making the other person feel guilty.  Here are some examples below.  How successful you are in combining it with the types of control drama listed above!

 'He didn't call me.  I waited all day and because of that I didn't even go out in the evening. '

 'If you don't pick up my call I'll go to your house and then you know what I can do!'

 'Why didn't you call me?  What were you doing  And where were you? '

 'I do not know.  I didn't know you had to call. '

 It absorbs a lot of your energy whenever someone tries to grab your attention using the above strategy.  The intermediary will try to scare you, the interrogator will try to make you look low, the idiot will try to make you feel unnecessary and the person who is pretending to be a victim will try to make you feel guilty.

 However, you must have understood, though - the first example is Victim;  The second is the intermediate, the third is the interrogator and the fourth is Aluf.

 The origin of this behavior lies in our childhood and our relationship with our parents.  Moreover, parents are also following the control drama formed in their childhood.  That is why both parents and children compete with each other for attention and control.  When you go to the supermarket, see how a small child is attracted to toys and insists on buying them from his mother.  When the mother refuses to give the thing, the child either starts to complain (victim) or then starts rolling on the ground in anger (intermediary).  Now the reaction of the parent in this situation will determine the child's future strategy of drawing attention to himself.

 For children their parents are the basic source of survival and they are very afraid of losing this connection.  Whatever the parent says to the child will shape the child's future and worldview.  For example, a child grows up hearing 'Be careful ... anything can happen.'  So he would naturally assume that this world is a place that is not at all safe and reliable.

 If the child's guardian pays attention to him only when the child is sick or injured, then the child will grow up and get people's attention towards himself by getting pity through complaint.  The child of the interrogator or the condemned parent will use all these strategies to get mercy.  He will get rid of everything, will not respond, will become defensive and will pretend to be a victim.  In fact the child will devise a strategy to regain the power that he lost when he interacted with his guardian or the adult in front of him.

 Many adult relationships are the result of this control drama, in which one type of behavior is being answered through its opposite behavior.  For example, the experience of 35-year-old Rita, who had a conflict with her client in the workplace.  The client became more and more stubborn about his point of view (intermediate) and Rita became so defensive that she began to cry over her 'pathetic' situation (victim).  After analyzing the situation, Rita realized that the client's behavior was a trigger and that her own response was rooted in her childhood ... her childhood was marked by a very abusive and controlling mother.

 So how to get out of such a control drama?  Obviously you have to be more vigilant.  One has to understand what is the trigger by analyzing one's own behavior.  Take note of your feelings and accurately identify how you feel powerless, annoyed, helpless or angry?  Then go back in time and try to remember if these feelings are rooted in your relationship with your parents.

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 One thing is for sure, not only can you change a situation, but you can change the way you react to the situation and break the cycle for the benefit of your children.  This way you can control the drama ... Drama will not control you!

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Monday, May 24, 2021

Regarding the addition of vacancies in the non-government aided secondery schools under the year of Education Assistant Recruitmant Year

Regarding the addition of vacancies in the non-government aided secondery schools under the year of Education Assistant Recruitmant Year

2091 Reference - Letter No. of the office here: 

Madhya / Gh / Anand-1/2031/512 6-9 dated 08/12/21 Mr., above To state the subject and context that the details of the vacant posts under the control of your district under the Education Assistant Recruitment Process Year 2061 in the non-government aided secondary schools of the State have been sent to you with our corrections. 

In addition to the vacancies of non-government aided secondary schools sent by you earlier, Ta. Details of vacancies of Education Assistants arising out of retirement, rasignation or other reasons as on 31/07/91, for which the roster register of the school concerned has been certified, details of vacancies of Education Assistants in non-government aided secondary schools arising out of this. 

Considering the following instructions in Sample Form-A with a knowledgeable employee / officer of your office. Shri Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Vidyamandir, Sector-2, Gandhinagar on 5/09/4 1 is asked to send in person from 10:30 am to 3:00 pm and if the information is 1p, the form of zero information is e-- Mail, you have to inform the head office telephonically about this.

નવી જગ્યા ઉમેરવા માટે લેટર-ગ્રાન્ટેડ માધ્યમિક.pdf

Kindnesss Instructions - Is Addition Vacancy Roster Certified? Sending a vacancy to add only after checking it, you will not have to add any vacancy in the fifth round from your level. - Name according to the details of vacancies, to submit the details only after studying the relevant interim / final judgments of the High Court. So that there is no question of disrespect to the name, High Court, - Before submitting the new vacancies to be added, check the vacancies of the non-government subsidized secondary department on the website with your insistence, so that the question of duplicate vacancies is solved.

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