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Friday, June 4, 2021

Bedtime Story – An invaluable memory of everyone’s childhood! Here are some populer children’s stories instilling moral values as well as some original introductions!

Bedtime Story – An invaluable memory of everyone’s childhood! Here are some populer children’s stories instilling moral values as well as some original introductions!

Let’s have a baby party with grandparents, grandparents, mommy-daddy and little sermons ready!

Short story books for children. Free baby reading books with audio for toddlers. The “Little Stories” series present bedtime fairy tales for children, in which kid plays the main part. It's quite simple – just enter kid's name and gender in the settings window and enjoy reading personalised boo

To make it even cooler, we've added beautiful melodies and wonderful pictures to give only positive examples. This is really fun for 1st grade reading. Just like good old books on tape. In our bookshelf you can find a lot of chapter books which will help you go to sleep.

🌙 These stories for beginner reading kids have a positive impact on the development. It is better to use this app before the bed. Even though female and male versions of the fairy tales have the same plot, there are some differences between the texts. This has an educational goal in view making right accents in rearing depending on a child’s 

Herons, snakes and weasels – Panchatantra
Donkey in tiger skin – Panchatantra
Chakli’s friends and stupid monkey – Panchatantra
A pair of crows and a black snake – Panchatantra
The story of the swan and the crow – Panchatantra
Brahman and Crab – Panchatantra
The story of the king of Supadkan
A rat made of a tiger and a sage
Let Java go to daughter’s house – Gijubai Badheka
The fox and the cave that answers it – Panchatantra
The story of Tadha Tabukala – Gijubhai Badheka
Chakli’s friends and the mad elephant – Panchatantra
The rabbit chased the elephant – Panchatantra
Jumpy Rabbit – Panchatantra
The story of the stupid donkey – Panchatantra
Leaf boats, ants and pigeons
Kagda Uncle Mamrawala – Labhshankar Thackeray
Whom does the rat marry? – Panchatantra
Falling, falling – the story
The butterfly bubbled up – Dr. Dikpalsinh Jadeja
Magic – Anil Joshi
Big – thin story
The fox made king
The story of a simple camel – Panchatantra
The story of the three fish – Panchatantra
The story of Chaka and Chaki – Gijubhai Badheka
The frog rode the snake – Panchatantra
Dream of a flower bud
Farmer and stork
Two cats and a monkey
The story of Dala Tarwadi
Peacock’s complaint
I do thaga thaiya
Daghia’s tail is crooked – Ramesh Parekh
Chhogala, leave now!
Anandi Kagado – Gijubhai Badheka
Donkey and flower
Mumbai Ant – Labhshankar Thackeray
Duckling – Dhirubahen Patel
Three siblings
Who won
Monkey care
Chaklabhai’s revenge
Sachaboli Guy
Ohio Ohio Ohio
Chotduk – Labhshankar Thackeray
Ant’s farm
Chief of pigeons
Greedy monkey
Don’t act without thinking
The greedy king
The teaching of the stork
Revenge of gratitude
Greedy dog
The feat of the rooster
Winter ate deer
True deer
The idea that came to the fairy’s brain
The seven-headed elephant
Geese and owls
The greed of the fly
The story of the lion and the rabbit – Panchatantra
Sasabhai Sankaliya – Gijubhai Badheka
Titodo and the sea – Panchatantra
Herons and foxes – Aesop’s fables
A fairy tale – a Japanese fairy tale
Foolish donkey and tiger – the story of Aesop
The frog in the well – Aesop’s fables
The tiger came Ray Wagh – the story of Aesop
Bhaturia – Gijubhai Badheka
Fox – Gijubhai Badheka
Kathiyaro and the water god – the story of Aesop
Camel legs rot – Gijubhai all
Phoolanji crow – Panchatantra
The donkey ride – the story of Aesop
Wise Goats – The Story of Aesop
The idiot donkey – the story of Aesop
Laduni Jatra – Ramanlal p. Joshi
Cuckoo and crow – Gijubhai all
Courageous Cockroach – African children’s story
Vahta Bhabha – Gijubhai Badheka
Three educated, one uneducated – Panchatantra
Crow and wheat – Gijubhai Badheka
The dove drank the painted water – the story of Aesop
Chitralekha – Nagardas e. Patel
Doshi and the monkey – Gijubhai all
Wadilo Kagado – Gijubhai Badheka
Nobat of fighting – Nagardas e. Patel
A hen laying golden eggs – the story of Aesop
The clever crow – the story of Aesop
Buried Treasure – The Story of Aesop
Water droplets and tree fraternity – Dr. Eastern n. Upadhyaya
Tashukbhai – Gijubhai all
Butterfly and boy – Dr. Dikpalsinh Jadeja
The Brave Squirrel and the Jumpy Fossi Monkey – Dr. Dikpalsinh Jadeja
Magic wand farmer – Japanese fairy tale
Red Hat – The Seed of Indian Folklore
Crocodiles and herdsmen – Gijubhai all
Snake eggs and hens – the story of Aesop
The lion’s mouth smells – the story of Aesop
Colorful Butterfly – Dr. Eastern n. Upadhyaya
Khilibai – Gijubhai Badheka
Two Two Goats – Bepsi Engineer
Dog and dog brotherhood – the story of Aesop
Whose purple … – Ramesh Parekh
Karsan and Kabutar – Chandrashankar m. Bhatt
The story of the goat and the wolf – Aesop
Samali Maa – Gijubhai Badheka
Foo-Foo Bapa – Gijubhai Badheka
The magical water of the spring – Japanese fairy tale
Jogido waits – Gijubhai all
Karta ho, so kijiye – Gijubhai all
Golabhai’s limbs – Harshad Trivedi
Danvir Raja – Shamlakrut ‘Sinhasanbatrisi’
Tadtad Tumbdi Tadtadad – Gijubhai Badheka
Kuntala and Rajkumar – Gambhirsinh Gohil
Ek Chakli – Gijubhai Badheka
Little flower and clouds – Dr. Eastern n. Upadhyaya
Bhanio na bhunke – Chandra Trivedi
Akkal moti ke bhansa – proverb storytellers
Parrot and crow – Gijubhai all
Lazy fox – the story of a Hindi proverb
Shethakaka’s Trap – Harshad Trivedi
Ratan squirrel – Himanshi Shelat
Fish Village – Udayan Thakkar
Hollow-holly – Gijubhai all
Adekho Tailor – Harshad Trivedi
Eshabahen and Undar – Shraddha Trivadi
Vadilo Hajam – Gijubhai Badheka
Goddess of Fate and Bhikharan – A work of reading
Jump it not jump – Vandana Shantuindu
Test of ingenuity – a work of reading
Cat Jatra – Gijubhai Badheka
Watercolor – Harshad Trivedi
Mankoda’s Safo – Gira Pinakin Bhatt
Khadbad khadbad khodat hai – Gijubhai Badheka
Devotee Prahlad – Myths
The first story of the six fools – Gijubhai Badheka
Another story of six fools – Gijubhai Badheka
The third story of the six fools – Gijubhai Badheka
The fourth story of the six fools – Gijubhai Badheka
The fifth story of the six fools – Gijubhai Badheka
The sixth story of the six fools – Gijubhai Badheka
The head of a buffalo horn – a well-known proverb
Doso and three sons – the story of Aesop
The elephant of the blind – the story of Aesop
Little girl – fairy tale
Dosi and four sons – Gijubhai Badheka
Ruda finds spring – Jagruti Ramanuja
Mole and tiger – Marvin Skipper
Listen, Dalbhanjanji – Gijubhai all
Moon in a plate – Ramayana
Hanuman and Baliyo Bhim – Myths
The squirrel and the king – myths
The queen’s favorite thing – myths
Frogs and Squirrels – Gijubhai Badheka
Rain stars – well-known fairy tales
No one can – Gijubhai all
The boy and the fairy of heaven – well-known fairy tales
Dhishum and the seven fairies – well-known fairy tales
Sunflower – Gopalakrishna
Golden Swan – Birth story
Ho Ambabhai, Ho Limbabhai -GIJubhai Badheka
Wearing a happy man – Shambhu Prasad Bhatt
Four Seasons – Jatak Katha
Rhino Complaint – Marvin Skipper
Maha Veer – Myths
Bagho – Madhusudan Parekh
Anmaneti Vahu and her brothers – the story of Nagpancham
I am a big brother – Gira Pinakin Bhatt
Daghiyo – Harshad Trivedi
Ma, mane mantole talli re talli – gijubhai badheka
The biggest thing in the world – Marvin Skipper
If you do purple … – Jayanti Dhokai
Punishment of deeds – Yashwant Kadikar
Eddie – Marvin Skipper
Ear hat, top braid – Gijubhai all
The dog had a dream – Vandana Shantuindu
Beaten in Parki Seva – Panchatantra
Listening – Myths
Ju Bai – Gijubhai Badheka
Shadow Shadow Steps – Anil Joshi
Fox trapped in a crevice – Aesop’s fables
Ju ka pet phutya – Gijubhai badheka
Khalil’s shrewdness – Arabic stories
A fox without a tail – Aesop’s fables
Magic Flute – Jayavati Qazi
The lure of a dog – Aesop’s fables
Buried Treasure – Aesop’s Fables
Khetli – Gijubhai Badheka
Ramayana – Story Compilation – Gijubhai Badheka
Kind Doshi – Big Sister (Narrator – Gijubhai Badheka)
Postman – Marvin Skipper
Slave Horse – Aesop’s Fables
Barber and Bando Tiger – Gijubhai Badheka
Rabbit and Tiger – Harrai Desai
Chopped – Miss Sunita
One princess and four princesses – the well-known fairy tale
Stupid brotherhood – Jatak Katha
Owls and crows – our children’s stories
Stupid boy – birth story
Enemy Identity – Intriguing Children’s Stories
Two beetles – civilized sermons
Abhimani Bhindo – Natwar Patel
Dad, crow – Gijubhai all
What to repent?
Ghas ka pula khaja ​​- Gijubhai Badheka
Gudu-Gudi – Gijubhai Badheka
For the good of what God does – the stories of Akbar Birbal
Pemlo-Pemli – Gijubhai Badheka
Fasting of the tiger – proverbial storytellers
Deer calf manipulation – a birth story
Clever Monkey – Jatak Katha
Cad, kandoro ne kachdi; There are four of us – Gijubhai Badheka
What is the biggest thing? – Stories of Akbar Birbal
The power of treasure – the birth story
Invaluable gift – Jatak Katha
Girl and doll – a well-known fairy tale
Sobat – Natwar Patel
Thief Caught – Stories of Akbar Birbal
Tofani Daku – a well-known fairy tale
The magical seed of millet – a well-known fairy tale
Wasps and bees – Rabindranath Tagore
Chakli and Mor – Rabindranath Tagore
Bookworm – Rabindranath Tagore
Wet wood, dry wood – Rabindranath Tagore
Rathyatra – Rabindranath Tagore
Jambu – Rabindranath Tagore
Unknown Flute player – Rabindranath Tagore
Dog jealousy – Rabindranath Tagore
Buffalo Service – Rabindranath Tagore
Clever Potter – National First Book, 1923
Kodiyu and Lantern – Rabindranath Tagore
Two banks of the river – Rabindranath Tagore
Farmer and Land – Rabindranath Tagore
Why was the earth born? – Folklore of Meghalaya
The crow is the crow and the cuckoo is the cuckoo – Rabindranath Tagore
Who eats – Stories of Akbar Birbal
Right – Intelligent Children’s Stories, Compilation – Jayanti Patel
Peacock Crow – Tales of Aesop
Wolf and heron – Aesop’s fables
The story of Thinguji – a well-known fairy tale
Sonbai and Roopbai – Gijubhai Badheka
Who puts a bell around a cat’s neck? – Aesop’s fables
The long shadow of the fox – the story of Aesop
Ghado and Kuvo – Rabindranath Tagore
Invaluable Lesson – Jatak Katha
Fruit and Flower – Rabindranath Tagore
Lion and slave – Aesop’s fables
Arrows and maces – Rabindranath Tagore
Teak tree and its branches – Rabindranath Tagore
Bee and beetle – Rabindranath Tagore
Defeat of Narad – Rabindranath Tagore
Kodiyu and the falling star – Rabindranath Tagore
Flute player – a well-known fairy tale
Winter chases the lion – Panchatantra
Bamboo and cedar tree – Rabindranath Tagore
Tongue beats, tongue wins – Jatak stories
Postman – Marvin Skipper
I won’t eat jaggery anymore – our fables
Merciful God – Excellent Sermons
The story of the fairy and the cobbler – well-known fairy tales
The discovery of chickpeas – a birth story
The story of a foolish tree – a native story
The fish went out of hand – the birth story
Excellent flower – Natwar Patel
True brotherhood – a birth story
Bhanelo Bhat – Gijubhai Badheka
Farm and Mountain – Rabindranath Tagore
Rabbit Tact – Intriguing Childhood Stories
Greed is a very bad story
Also called theft – Mukul Kalarthi
Parts will drown – Akbar Birbal’s words
The fox cub – Aesop’s fables
Unseen Queen – Rabindranath Tagore
The costume of the wolf – the story of Aesop
Champa and Doshi – a well-known fairy tale
Only a donkey knows – Rabindranath Tagore
Head and Umbrella – Rabindranath Tagore
Doll and four siblings – a well-known fairy tale
Chadja beta shuli par – proverb storytellers
Salt Bore – Ramayana
Chotli and limbs – Rabindranath Tagore
Nose and Ears – Rabindranath Tagore
Trees and man – Aesop’s fables
The story of true brothers – Proverbs
Magical fish – fairy tale
Rabbit Ears – Nachiketadevi
We will become lamps – Rabindranath Tagore
Greedy fox and hungry lion – Netra Upadhyay
Fox and kid –
King of the forest, elephant and baby rat – Dr. Dikpalsinh Jadeja
The talking parrot, the python and the son – Dr. Dikpalsinh Jadeja
Shahudi feathers and snakes – Proverbs
Discipline given to a fool – Panchatantra
Swans and mice – Proverbs
Lavari and Owl – Panchatantra
Elephant and rat brotherhood – Panchatantra
King of foxes and rats – Proverbs
Fulanshi donkey – Panchatantra
The baby rat and its mother – fairy tales
Horse, ox and soldier – animal stories
Funny rooster – rasthal
Camels and foxes – Panchatantra
Rabbit Tact – Fairy Tales, Compilation – Jayanti Patel
Frog and boy – Dr. Dikpalsinh Jadeja
Raw Ghado and Raw Sutra – Amrutlal Vegad
The story of three bears – Dollarrai Mankad
Bholbhabha – Ramanlal Soni
Cow and Lion – Jaydev Mankad
Gold tools – Pannalal Patel
Dedication of Swans – Manubhai Pancholi ‘Darshak’
I like ants very much – Ramesh Rivedi
Basket Tomato and Tinu – Dr. Dikpalsinh Jadeja
The price of flowers – Rabindranath Tagore
Philosopher’s Stone – Rabindranath Tagore
Night and Girl – Hetvi Nidhi
Elder rats and cats – fauna
Dog and leopard – Gijubhai all
King Harishchandra – Kudasiya Zaidi
Rats and kings – our stories
Who is a partner in sin? – Puranas
Mormama’s Mango – Rasthal
Twelve written – Gijubhai all
The cat’s head rang the bell – Prabhulal Doshi
Rabbit and mole – our fauna
Man and crow – Gijubhai all
Tadapadi in a group of firecrackers – Prabhulal Doshi
Kabar and Doshi – Bhanumati c. Patel
Rabbit and Turtle Contest – Prabhulal Doshi
Tinu and his paintings – Hetvi Nidhi
Haynes – Gijubhai Badheka
Not to mention – Gijubhai Badheka
Sir, the boy was keeping – Gijubhai all
The buffalo runs away … – Gijubhai all


Due to a little delay – Bhanumati c. Patel
Sachi Ijjat – Jivram Joshi
Frog Queen – Russian folklore
Makno and Rakshas – Gijubhai Badheka
Boghalal – Bhanumati c. Patel
Ants and locusts – Yashwant Kadikar
True mother
Greedy Mintu
Chhabhu got a lesson – Yashwant Kadikar
The eighteen limbs of a camel bend – the source of the story – Dalpataram’s poem
Ganji’s dog – Ratilal Sa. The protagonist
Dada’s turban, Dada’s dangoro – Ratilal Sa. The protagonist
God sees – Mukul Kalarthi
Vanko took the shoes – Gijubhai all
Ferio – Ratilal Sa. The protagonist
Monkey and Chakli – Ratilal Sa. The protagonist
Ghatotkach – Ratilal Sa. The protagonist
Buddha – Ratilal Sa. The protagonist
Bangadiwala Wagh – Ratilal Sa. The protagonist
Luchcho Wagh – Ratilal Sa. The protagonist
Welcome to the robber – Mukul Kalarthi
Golpuno Garden – Dr. Eastern n. Upadhyaya
Krishna – Ratilal Sa. The protagonist
Ants and snakes – Ratilal Sa. The protagonist
Magical Mirror – Bhanumati c. Patel
Influence of Virtue – Mukul Kalarthi
What did Yudhisthira ask for? – Mukul Kalarthi
Wild Fox Story – Story Source – Indian Story World Part-2, Shirish Panchal
Chaklabhai goes to take revenge – Ratilal Sa. The protagonist
Ant and mica – Vandana Shantuindu
Boys and Frogs – Ratilal Sa. The protagonist
Sow what you sow, die what you do – Ratilal Sa. The protagonist
Bring the core of my bread – Bhanumati c. Patel
The real culprit – Bhanumati c. Patel
Sita – Ratilal Sa. The protagonist
Socrates – Mukul Kalarthi
We don’t want such a king – Mukul Kalarthi
Pearl necklace – Bhanumati c. Patel
Golden apple – Bhanumati c. Patel
Dhruv – Ratilal Sa. The protagonist
Prahlad – Ratilal Sa. The protagonist
Chakino Charkho – Ratilal Sa. The protagonist
In my grandfather’s country, I would speak – Ratilal Sa. The protagonist
Badshah and Fakir – Gujarati first book, 1923
Rogue Crow – Popular children’s stories
Vahuthi na paday j kem …? – Popular children’s stories
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