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Wednesday, May 19, 2021

A video on how to save a fallen tree.

Farmer and frog - Manishabahen K. Jadav was a farmer. He was very kind. Betel nut. "Frogs come to eat on their roofs every day when they hear his voice, but what is this! Poor frogs' feet and songs are sung, The farmer would be very happy to hear her voice. She would not come.

She would sing again two or three times, saying, Sing the song, “Come to the frog, eat to the leaves - also sing; “How we came, our arecanuts. But his wife loves this job. So the farmer did not understand everything. What happens to him every day when these frogs and his wife are called and asked to feed? His wife does all the talking, the farmer threatens his wife when one day his farmer goes out and the frog apologizes and the wife puts hot coals on the roof and is.

Children, we too, like farmers, sing animals and songs, ‘Come, frog, eat, have mercy on the bird. Primary School Dahegam, Ta. Dist, Bharuch-2 2001 3 g Talking to oneself in solitude means prayer. Child Creation * January, 207 1. We are one - Karsandas Luhar is one, we are just one! We are all one! , Never misses, never bends, never breaks, never misses, we are such an unbeatable tech !!

We are all one! Whether you are a Hindu or a Muslim, you are always aware of brotherhood, small and big virtues! We all have a shit ”! Maa-bhomne khole ramiye, ek-bijne adaka gamie, nathi ane kadva cortila; We are really sweet! We are all one. The country is our garden, the throat is also a disease, we are fragrant with flowers! We are all one!

વૃક્ષો પડી ગયા હોય તો કેમ બચાવી શકાય જુઓ વિડીયો

Allah-Ishwar is near the breath, near the temple-mosque, you are Azan and Ahalaik! We are all one! Eleven, what a sanctuary. The understanding is true! We are all one! We will walk with the everlasting company, we will fill our breaths together, together, we are fine with deer, Gurulara
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