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Saturday, June 5, 2021



Now you don't have to keep a diary for accounts.

Someone has given you Rs. If you want, someone has Rs. The list will always be handy on the phone if you want.

Very useful for wool traders

Also will alert the opposite party with a message.

Alert feature

Full data backup feature in both app when changing phones

Accountbook app. To insta

Oh, God the Father!
O God ! ...... Slow down ...
Made of the clay of your holy hand
These toys don't break anywhere !!
A little kindnass and pity !!

We know that we are responsible for the currant situation ... We are vainly proud of being omnipotent.

I have not felt any shame or embarrassment even after doing the ugly acts of snatching the plate of another leaving the right .......

Even when there is a relationship of feeling, we do not change the color like a tick for selfishness ....

But playing these kinds of perverted games, I forgot ... that you are indwelling and living in particles.

Who knows better than you when to turn someone's game upside down and who to beat?

Even though we have a wallet full of rupees in our pockets, we get out of our pockets and go to Golakh with a rupee coin inside Mukta.

Knowingly or unknowingly, O Lord, if we have sinned to make fun of you, we apologize by bowing our hands and third head at your feet.

Now don't pull our extra clothes and put them in the state of our birth time ....
By closing the doors of the temples, you have directly expressed disgust towards us ...

When you sit down to give, you tear off the roof and give.

And when you sit down to take, keep your feet on your chest ... you want an account..Oh God, understand us as a child and forgive us this time .. we have made a mistake in understanding you ....

O God ! Keep all the co-family healthy and happy .. empty the hospitals, wipe the tears from the eyes of every relative and make our life happy again .....

Always keeping meat to you,
Your mistakes .......... 2
Let's forward this message as much as possible and ask God's forgiveness .... request to everyone ..

Taste is important when eating or gravel

In a restaurant, a well-known chef made a very tasty risotto using high quality rice. When the pilaf was ready, it spread like wildfire. Everyone's mouth watered. Everyone was in a hurry to taste the pilaf. The chef served pilaf to about a hundred people at the restaurant. The chef came and said that there was a pebble in it. It is the same color as rice. Take care. Injury can occur if it comes between someone's teeth.

Now the pilaf tastes great ... sodam is unparalleled ... but the joke of eating is gone. When everyone ate a swallow, they did not pay attention to the taste, thinking that there was no gravel in the swallow.

Everyone laughed that the gravel did not come to them. Wash hands. Did anyone notice that moment? Didn't anyone get gravel? Then they called the chef. He asked if he had said that gravel would come!

The chef said that all the pebbles were removed in this, but if there is one mistake left, you should be careful, that is why he said ...!

All began to look at each other. There was no discussion about the delicious pilaf. Everyone on the ground was tired, as the instinct to eat kolia was gone. That's why it was so hard to eat.

Our sister-in-law's condition is like the gravel of such a risotto due to a disease. It is not possible to say to whom this gravel will come. The instinct to live is gone. Alas, even for those who deliver help .. isn't it Corona? Milk, vegetables, groceries, worries about what will come with the thing when we take the necessities of life are eating away at us!

At first, if you sneeze, thinking that someone remembers! But now it seems that God has taken out our file or not ...?

ગુજરાત પોલ્યુશન કંટ્રોલ બોર્ડ વર્લ્ડ એન્વાયરમેન્ટ ડે ક્વીઝ 2021 પ્રમાણપત્ર મેળવી લેવું

Don't know how long this will last. But like that delicious meal, let's just pray that our life doesn't just become tasteless.

Negative news, not reading posts and mind blowing information, read material, read books. Be in joy and spread joy.

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