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Monday, August 2, 2021

How To Check Your Aadhar Card Usage History

 Hоw Tо Сheсk Yоur Ааdhааr Саrd Usаge Histоry:-Ааdhааr is а 12-digit саrd given tо Indiаn сitizens. It is issued thrоugh the Unique Identifiсаtiоn Аuthоrity оf Indiа ie UIDАI. Оne is а digitаl ID рrооf whiсh is used fоr the benefit оf gоvernment sсhemes. In sоme саses, the Ааdhаr саrd is аlsо required аt the time оf РАN саrd аnd inсоme tаx deраrtment оr РDS.

Hоwever, fоr mаny yeаrs, this infоrmаtiоn hаs been соming thаt рeорle’s bаse hаs been tаmрered with аnd their dаtа hаs been leаked. Due tо this, mаny users аre still wоrried, while there аre mаny wаys tо find оut whether their Ааdhаr саrd hаs been used оr nоt.

Hоw tо сheсk Yоur Ааdhааr Саrd Histоry :

Steр 1- First gо tо httрs://uidаi.gо аnd then сliсk оn My Ааdhааr аnd seleсt the seсtiоn with Ааdhааr serviсe. Аfter this, сliсk оn Ааdhааr Аuthentiсаtiоn Histоry орtiоn.

Steр 2- Gо tо the redireсted раge аnd insert yоur 12-digit Ааdhааr number with the САРTСHА imаge. Аfter this, сliсk оn Send ОTР. Аfter this, yоu will hаve аn ОTР with yоur registered mоbile number.

Steр 3- Gо tо the next раge аnd then seleсt the first орtiоn аuthentiсаtiоn tyрe аnd set the defаult аs АLL.

Steр 4- Gо tо the next раge where yоu will get the list оf аll the Ааdhааr Аuthentiсаtiоn Request. The list саn be dоwnlоаded аs а РDF whiсh will орen with the helр оf а раsswоrd. Enter the first 4 letters оf yоur nаme tо орen аnd then yоur dаte оf birth аfter the uррer саse.

If yоu feel thаt yоur Ааdhааr is nоt seсure аnd it hаs been tаmрered with, then yоu саn соntасt UIDАI. Fоr this, yоu hаve tо diаl 1947 оr yоu саn emаil helр@uidаi.gо

Оffiсiаl Website:- Click here

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Thursday, July 8, 2021

What is the base PVC card? Where and how can it be obtained?

What is the base PVC card? Where and how can it be obtained?

Aadhaar is a card that can be used across the country.  And any citizen of India can get Aadhaar number for free.  They will also include their biometric details such as fingerprints and Irish scans.

What is the base PVC card?  Where and how can it be obtained?

And since this document is used as ID proof, people can use e-Aadhaar, Aadhaar, Aadhaar Letter, or Aadhaar Card.  And all these things are made available to the users for free.  And UIDAI has announced a new Aadhaar card type called Aadhaar PVC Card.  And it is now being made available at a very low cost.

What is base PVC card?

Aadhaar PVC card is a type of Aadhaar.  And inside it the details of the users will be printed on the plastic card along with the hologram.  And it will confirm the authenticity of the Aadhaar PVC card.

To get a PVC Aadhaar card, you need to pay Rs.  This card has to be the same size as any normal credit or debit card.  And this price includes the cost of both printing and delivery of the card.  People who have linked Aadhar card with their number and those who have not linked mobile number with their Aadhar card can also get this card with alternative mobile number. 

How to order and order Aadhaar PVC card online?

To order a copy of your Aadhaar PVC card you have to go to the UIDAI website and then you have to give the Aadhaar for print within which you have to authenticate yourself with the help of OTP and then you have to pay Rs.  50 will not be paid.  And you can make this payment with the help of credit card, debit card, net banking or UPAA.

After payment, the website will generate an Airway Bill number, which is a tracking number, and can be used to track your Aadhaar PVC card.  UIDAI claims that the printed base PVC card will be handed over to the postal department within 5 working days.  And the same will be delivered to the customer using Speed ​​Post in the next few days.

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In the next few weeks, the base PVC card will be delivered to your postal address.  Note that UIDAI will only send the card to the address specified in the Aadhaar card, and it cannot be sent to any other address.

Aadhaar PVC Card The security features of Aadhaar PVC Card include 3D hologram, security QR code, micro text, ghost picture, issue date, print date, gilloch pattern and embedded Aadhaar logo.

Learn in 10 Points How to order Aadhaar PVC Card?

1. First visit or

2. Click on ‘Order Aadhaar Card’ service.

3. Enter your 10-digit Aadhaar number (UID) or 16-digit Virtual Identification Number (VID) or 28-digit enrollment ID.

4. Note the security code.

5. Select the option of registered number to get OTP.  If the mobile number is not registered, fill in the optional number if available.

6. Click ‘Send OTP’.

7. Tick ‘Terms and Conditions’ after approval.  (Note: Click on the hyperlink and see the details)

8. After completing the ‘OTP’ verification process, click Submit.

9. After clicking on ‘Make payment’ you will reach the payment gateway, where you will get the option of Credit / Debit Card, Net Banking and UPI.

10. Receipt of payment will be successful, it will have digital signature on it.  You will get the service request number on SMS.  You can use this number to track the process until the card is delivered. 

Should you get an Aadhaar PVC card?

આધારકાર્ડ સુધારવા નીચેની લિંક પર ક્લીક કરો⤵️

As the price of this card is only Rs.  So if you keep printed figures together you should buy this card as you need to as only printed figures on paper can get bad in the long run. 

And in comparison the base PVC card can last for much longer.  One thing you need to note here is that Aadhaar PVC cards can only be ordered online and cannot be ordered authentically through any third party website or app.

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Wednesday, July 7, 2021

linking PAN to Aadhar Card

 Hello friends, We all know the usefulness of linking PAN to Aadhar. According to the prevailing rules of the government, it is necessary to link with PAN with Aadhar. If you do not link with PAN card with Aadhar, you may be deprived of certain benefits. In this article we will give you all the information to how to link PAN with Aadhaar.

Recently, the Last date for linking PAN card with Aadhar card has been extended by the government. If you do not link PAN card with Aadhar card within this time limit, your PAN may become inoperative. Your PAN must be linked with Aadhar card before September 30, 2021.

Important Steps to Link PAN Card with Aadhaar Card
Go to The new e-filing portal 2.0.
Find Our Services’ tab and Click on it
Then Click on ‘Link Aadhaar‘ Button and enter Enter the following details : PAN No., Aadhaar Number, Name as per Aadhaar and Mobile Number.
After Adding Above Details then Click on Validate Button and Submit.
Important Steps to Check PAN-Aadhar Linking Status
Go to The new e-filing portal 2.0.
Find Our Services’ tab and Click on it
Then Click on ‘View Link Aadhaar Status’ Button and enter Enter the following details : PAN and Aadhaar Number.
After Adding Above Details then Click on Submit Button.

Q. 1 What is the Last date to link PAN with Aadhaar? September 30, 2021.

Q. 2 What will happen if PAN is not linked with Aadhaar before Last Date? PAN may become inoperative.

Q. 3 Who needs to link PAN with Aadhaar? Rs.50,000 and above Banking transaction.
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Saturday, June 12, 2021

How to Check Aadhaar Authantication History Online

How to Check Aadhaar Authantication History Online

The 12-digit unique identification number generated by UIDAI (unique identification authority of India) includes all the biometric and demographic details. As the government of India has made it mandatory to link Aadhaar number to all the financiel documents, mobile number and bank account, everyone is trying to complate the linking before the aforementioned date. Not adhering to the deadline will make the account un-operational and therefore individuals can’t avail the benefits of government scheme.

As Aadhaar contains crucial details, account holders are worried about the safety of their data as any mishandling of the information can prove threatening for the life-time. Hence, it is vital to check the authentication of any website before submitting the Aadhaar details. For the convenience of its users, UIDAI has come up an online tool that is available on its official website.
The “Aadhaar Authentication History” tool enables users to check Aadhaar Authentication online and avail various information including transaction ID, error code, method of authentication, Aadhaar authentication failure code, etc. Using this facility, users can find out when an agency would have accessed the biometric, demographic and one-time password.

It is advisable to check the Aadhaar authentication history at regular intervals to avoid any breach. Checking the Aadhaar authentication history via online mode is simple and can completed by following the steps below mentioned.
Step 1: Visit the UIDAI’s official website that is

Step 2: Once you are on the UIDAI’s home page, select “Aadhar Authentication History” link under the Aadhaar Services column.
Step 3: Then it gets directed to a new page named Aadhaar Authentication History. You should enter the UID/ the 12-digit Aadhaar number.

Step 4: Enter the security code correctly in the respective box and click on “Generate OTP”.
Step 5: On the new page titled “Aadhaar Notification Setting”, select the “Authentication Type” by clicking on the drop down arrow.

Step 6: You should choose the start and end date from the calendar for which you want to check the history.
Step 7: Next, enter the number of records and the OTP in the respective box and click on “Submit” button.

Step 8: On completing these, UIDAI displays the history in a tabular format that includes date, time, type ID and authentication type among others.

Step 9: You can now cross-check the authentication of the information.
Documents Needed to Check the Aadhaar Authentication History Online

There are only two prerequisites for checking the authentication. It includes:

The 12-digit Aadhaar number
Aadhaar registered mobile number to receive the one-time password
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