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 The first wife came to the wedding reception in Rakhial and there was an uproar among the people present.  As the quarrel escalated, both the parties were taken to Bapunagar police station and legal action was taken.

 Afroz, who lives in Gomtipur, was married to Asif of Juhapura in 2014 under Muslim Shariat. Shortly after the marriage, her husband and in-laws harassed Afroz over dowry issues and Asif kicked Afroz out of my house.  Afroz, meanwhile, learns that Asif has remarried and is holding a wedding reception (guardianship) at home.  When Afroz reached there, Asif fled in panic.

 "I am Asif's wife," Afroz told the bride sitting there, but the bride slapped Afroz.  Asif's family had an affair with Afroz.  Bapunagar PI AP Gadhvi said that both the parties have registered a complaint. (Names of the characters have been changed.)

 Filed case in family court against husband and mother-in-law

 Afroz's lawyer Gulabkhan Pathan said that a complaint has been lodged with the Gomtipur police against Afroz's husband and in-laws.  A maintenance case has also been filed in the Family Court and a complaint of domestic violence in the Metro Court.

 A young man from Gandhinagar became the victim of a robber bride

 Not long ago, a young man from Gandhinagar was caught and the bride took Rs 3 lakh and fled with her relatives in a week.  Not only that, the young lady got married before and went to ask the young man to make an offering and got married again.  According to information received, Alpeshbhai Soni, 38, who lives near Mansa, earns his living by working in Soni's shop.  After his mother's death, Alpeshbhai and his father lived alone at home.  Alpesh Bhai was looking for a good character for himself, at which time he got the number of a woman from his father's acquaintance, who spoke to a young woman named Sonal.

 વાંચો સંપૂર્ણ ન્યુજ ગુજરાતીમા


The bride's family took Rs 3 lakh at the time of the wedding

 Alpeshbhai came to Ahmedabad to see Sonal.  Sonal and family were then called to their home to see the house.  The marriage was then arranged and arranged near the lawyer's office near Gomtipur, Ahmedabad.  At the time of the marriage, Sonal's so-called relatives took Rs 3 lakh from Alpeshbhai.  The money was collected by Alpeshbhai in small amounts.  After Alpeshbhai and Sonal got married, they moved to Mansa, where a week later, Sonal's aunt came to pick him up on the pretext of offering and took him with her.

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