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 Believe it or not, Indians have been obsessed with flying in the air for ages.  We've all heard a lot about Aladdin Jin and his flying carpet or the chessboard in the Arabian Nights, and we've been amazed to see it in cartoons.  Can a carpet fly?  Many centuries before these stories came, there was talk of 'Pushpak' aircraft in 'Ramayana'.  Experimentation takes place in the early stages of the creation of any object.  There are only two main aspects of the experiment, one is theory and the other is practical.  Speaking of planes, there is no doubt that the theory of matter heavier than air flying was first introduced in Indian literature.

 After that, if anyone was talking about a flying object flying with a man in the air, it was Leonardo da Vinci.  He even led the design of the helicopter.  Sixty-one years later, the Wright Brothers built a flying airplane to make that dream come true and revolutionize the world of traveling.  We began to cover thousands of miles in a matter of hours.  But this is not about planes.  We've been hearing about air taxis for years.

 Flying cars are not a new topic.  Anyone who has seen the American animated sitcom show 'The Jetsons' will know that the cartoon show in the sixth decade of the twentieth century was about flying cars.  The well-known movie Back to the Future also had a flying car.  We saw flying cars in ‘Love Story 2050’ by our countrymen Herman Baweja and Priyanka Chopra.  So we are all familiar with this concept, but when will it come true?  Or we may never see it again.  So the good news is that next year i.e. in 2022 the flying taxi is going to start in Dubai!  Gujaratis traveling to Dubai on a package tour will now take advantage of Burj Khalifa as well as flying taxis.  (I'll have to wait until Corona is gone!)

 Now the question is what is the need for air-taxi?  We can fly in the sky without any hindrance but there are so many vehicles on the ground like cars, scooters, motorcycles, bicycles, buses, bullock carts, carts etc. which are more than the number of human beings on earth now and  As a result, in the language of FM radio, what is called bumper to bumper, one vehicle continues to collide with another.  That is why it has become so time consuming to move from one place to another.  And with so many vehicles, the problem of pollution in big and small cities has also worsened.

 That is why Air Taxi is coming to solve this problem!  Gee yes, in the near future you will be able to take an air taxi home from the office which means you will be able to fly home.  According to a rough estimate, there are three hundred companies working on air-flying cars in the world.  It is also called electric air taxi.  (No boss, it doesn't run on petrol, I mean it doesn't run on petrol, it needs batteries) Boeing, Hyundai, Airbus, Toyota and Uber are the five big companies that have started trials of prototypes of air taxis.

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